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About Engraving

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Why Engraved Stationery?

The business card you hand out, the letter you carefully craft, the envelope you are sending over night - when clients and prospective clients receive your stationery, they are in direct contact with your organization. Often, it is the first contact.

Engraved stationery has long signified prestige and elegance. The look and feel of engraving on premium paper is unrivaled in communicating attention to detail, permanence, stability, and an overall impeccable business identity.

Your stationery is a marketing/advertising piece and should be considered at all times an extension of you and your organization. The visual and tactile cues of engraving on premium paper say the same things about your business that an elegant reception room, a classy executive wardrobe, or a finely furnished conference room would say about your business.

Sure, you should try to economize in almost everything that is related to office expenses like pencils, paper clips, and sticky notes. But engraved stationery for pennies more per sheet, packages your written thoughts and ideas and is much more important than an office supply.

What is engraved stationery?

Genuine engraving is imitated by many processes and imitation is sincerest form of flattery. The most common imitator is thermography (raised printing). Thermography is to engraving in the same fashion that polyester is to wool, granite is to Formica laminate, and vinyl is to leather. The difference is remarkable.

The signature mark of engraving comes from a slight bruise that appears on the back of the paper. Unlike thermography, which is printing with a heat sensitive powder, engraving is sharp, clean, and very opaque.

In the process of engraving, ink is flooded over and an etched steel or copper plate in an engraving press. The plate now covered in ink is wiped by die wipe paper leaving ink only in the engraved crevices of the plate. Paper is fed into the press and stamped between the plate and a counter. The counter is hard plastic or paper that presses against the plate at the image area. When the counter hits the plate under high pressure, the paper is forced into the engraved crevices and the result is a sharp, tactile feel from the inc combined with the raised surface of the paper.

Let us send you some genuine engraved samples, you will notice the difference immediately!

Some of the Name-Brand Fine Papers we use are:

  • Crane's
  • William Arthur
  • Neenah
  • Gilbert
  • Beckett
  • Strathmore
  • Fox River